Modernist Commons

Welcome to, the EMiC project's digital collections and editing environment. Designed in collaboration with the Islandora project and its software-services company DiscoveryGarden, this site allows users to ingest images, process texts with optical character recognition software, upload born-digital content, perform markup on transcriptions and images, and display it all in different viewers. 

The commons is still in its development phase, so users should be prepared to experience various bugs and glitches or receive error messages. This is all part of the experience of early adopters working with emergent digital tools. In its current iteration, the commons integrates two open-source digital tools (CWRC Writer and Shared Canvas) which are themselves still prototypes undergoing testing. EMiC encourages users of this site to document your work with these tools and share your ideas, wish lists, and recommendations with us at

For more information about EMiC's digital initiatives, take a tour of the project on our main website.

Visit the commons.